The Importance of Lighting in a Space

by Mint Design |10 April, 2017 | Interior Design

I think the success of a Interior Design plan is a lot due to the illumination Lighting is a key decorative element that deserves all the care and attention we can give. Lighting a space can influence our behaviors and even our health.

Did you know that improper lighting can force your eyes and cause headaches?

The more natural light in a space, the more valuable and pleasant the environment is, which can be complemented by well-placed artificial light making the space even more comfortable and pleasant.

Lighting is not only a functional element, it can also be a decorative one, making the environment special, cozy and different.

In order to take advantage of its use, it is important that a space is adequately illuminated, being necessary to pay special attention to the tasks executed in order to illuminate them correctly.

Lamps and lighting equipment are pieces that I especially like to choose in decoration projects.

I leave here some good examples of lighting.

Project Mint Interior Design

Project Interior Design

Project Kenay Home

Project Kenay Home

Project Brian Paquette Interiors

Project Brian Paquette Interiors

Project Studio Mcgee

Project Ricardo de la Torre

Project Ricardo de la Torre


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