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Who are we at Mint Design?

Mint Interior Design atelier was born in 2016 as the result of the ambition and dream of Designer Teresa Pietra Torres to create a new and disruptive approach in the interior decoration and architecture sector

Mint Interior Design seeks to make each space comfortable, functional, sober, balanced, costumized and according to the goals, preferences and expectations of customers.

We believe that the space in which we live can influence how we see and deal with the world: a harmonious room can make mornings an opportunity; a dynamic and comfortable work space can encourage passion for the profession; an exceptional store can spark the urge to purchase.

Spaces do not necessarly have to be static. Spaces can and should change according to the personality of those who live or work in.

Decoration plans begin only after we know the expectations, preferences and desires of the clients. To achieve these goals, Mint Design´s team focuses on communication, interaction through web channels and the presentation of solutions that fit the client’s expectations.

Teresa Pietra Torres

Born and living in Lisbon, designer Teresa Pietra Torres after completing  a Masters degree in Interior Design at ESAD- Fundação Ricardo Espirio Santo and working for 5 years in the sector, started  Mint Interior Design atelier aiming to become a reference presenting  solutions for contemporary design, through rigorous criteria for selection of aesthetic and functional solutions.

Teresa is also a mother, sociable and funny. She loves spending time with family and friends, laughing, traveling, beach, running, doing sports, tasting wine, healthy eating and, of course, reading about themes related to decoration, comfort, architecture and art.

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Teresa Pietra Torres

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