Interior Design

Step 1: Tell us about your space

Start your project by filling out our form, or going to contacts. Describe your space, tell us about yourself, your dreams, your preferences. Indicate deadlines, expectations and budget.

Step 2: Get an estimate.

Find out the scope of our services, benefits of our bid, cost estimate and how long it takes.

Step 3: Keep an eye on our work.

Get to know the solution for your space. Keep up with your layout and design for furniture, lighting, decoration, coatings and accessories. Follow the plan.

Step 4: Watch the transformation

Execution is up to us. Orders, adjudication and purchases. Work assistance. Monitoring deliveries and assemblies. Finishing and decoration. Delivery preparation.

Step 5: Enjoy

Surprise yourself and feel happy in your new space. Let us evaluate your satisfaction on the day of delivery and also after a few months. We want to identify any adjustments so that you get even more satisfied.

Why should I hire an Interior Designer?

Hiring an interior designer is a wise decision when you want to improve your home, store, office, hotel or any other space.

Whether you have no idea what you want, you know what you want, but you don t  have the time to do it or even when you are in the dark of it, an interior designer adds value in all of these situations.

Main advantages: Access to the latest trends, save time and money, professional assessment, support in planning, budget control, access to a wide range of solutions in the best market conditions, coordination of interventions and above all, well- trained staff that can make the difference in your home.

How much does Interior Design really costs?

It depends on the options made throughout the process. One sure thing: a good interior design professional allows a high quality solution, in the best possible time and at the lowest possible prices.

The economic optimization of the project is due to:

  • Initial presentation of a budget and commitment in its accomplishment
  • Knowledge of the best offers in the market
  • High bargaining power
  • Planning and coordination of deliveries and assemblies

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