Interior Architecture

Step 1: Tell us about

Meeting, identification of needs, objectives and intended use. Constrains, expectations of term and costs.

Step 2: Review our offer.

Find out the scope of our services, advantages of our proposal, cost and term estimate.

Step 3: Preparing

Topographic and infrastructure survey. Presentating the concept, description of the solution, layout, movement circuits, interventions, civil construction, technical solutions, equipment and coatings. Cost estimation, customer validation. Execution plan and licensing.

Step 4. Follow the transformation

Terms of reference, specifications for suppliers and contractors, orders and awards. Coordination, supervision and inspection. Supervision for architecture plan execution.

Step 5: See results

Checks, surveys and delivering. Evaluation of costumer satisfaction. Assessment after use for possible adjustments.

Benefits  of hiring an Interior Architect professional

An interior architect evaluates the existing property or space and, after knowing the intended use, starts the organization, reforming and adapting its architectural elements. It seeks to make room for a certain final result.

The work is developed in a planned way, going through the stages of design and intervention and ends with the preparation for decoration.

Solutions to problems and issues during work must be anticipated in order to optimize procedures.

Interior Architecture versus  Interior Design

Interior Architecture comes before Interior Design.

The interior Architecte interacts or modifies the global architecture plan: accesses, frontages, heights, equipment, flows, areas, typologies, specialties.

The Interior Designer creates the environment and fills the space after acknowledging goals and needs of the user, seeking to enhance the quality of life of the occupants with aesthetically attractive solutions.

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