Discover some of Decoration Trends for 2023.

Decoration Trends for 2023. What to expect?

by Mint Design |12 May, 2023 | Interior Architecture, Interior Design

Decoration Trends for 2023. What to expect?

As economic concerns and international turmoil mount, the way we think our homes evolves and decorating trends adjust. The last few years, with the pandemic, required us to turn inwards mixing work and home.

As a result of greater social awareness, consumers increasingly value the origin of products and the respective manufacturing methods, with a greater interest in comfort, through natural materials and innovative ideas.

Discover some of the decoration trends for 2023:


1. Return of the neutral and warm tones of the 90s

Neutral and warm tones in decoration trends for 2023

Modern living room with 90s elements in beige tones

Beige, light brown and white replace the strong gray tones used in the last decade

Neutral tones or warm pastels are a good bet for interior decoration, as they are easy to apply and allow freedom to be daring when choosing accessories. They can easily be mixed with pillows and objects with contrasting colors.

This change seems to reflect the post-pandemic emotional state and the perspective of a gloomy financial future in which we seek to capture peace and optimism, surrounding the environment with warmth and a sense of well-being


2. Natural raw materials

Natural raw materials

Natural raw materials in decoration in 2023

Raw materials such as stone, wood, cement, cork and plaster are part of a trend that highlights the natural qualities of materials stripped of synthetics, providing cozy and rustic environments

Although organic materials have been widely used in the past, today there is a focus on veins and textures in stone, wood and marble and on environments with contrasts through the use of different natural materials.


3. Sustainability is here to stay

Sustainability in decoration trends for 2023

Room with elements related to sustainability

Gradually we became aware that our consumption affects the environment and we began to look for more ecological solutions to decorate our homes.

2023 will be the year when ecologically sustainable practices go further.

More and more the natural world will incorporate design solutions. Ecological or recycled materials, reuse of old furniture and even reuse of old materials from houses such as stone doors, windows or sinks


4. Maximalism again, but modern

Maximalism is back in decoration trends for 2023

Modern living room with various elements in blue and gray tones

When looking for a more expressive approach to interiors, creating spaces around works of art, collectibles or family furniture, the designer moves away from absolute minimalism by using more objects and looking to create a sense of layers.

The main advantage of the maximalist style is being able to dare without being afraid of colors and patterns, mixing old and modern pieces and joining the complex to the simple.

Creating harmony between all these elements, very attractive solutions are achieved by grouping pieces by similar colors or materials, with varying heights to create compositions that seem loose and evoke life.


5. Green will be the accent color

Green in Decoration Trends for 2023

Green color well used in a kitchen

The different shades of green offer a variety of combinations with other colors that can dictate the style of the environment.

Green is used more and more as an accent color juxtaposing with soft primary colors and producing a bold and colorful ambience.

Green can be used with great success in any area of ​​the house, both in the kitchen and in the dining room, entrance hall or bedrooms.


6. Back to history

Back to history

Room with antique decorative pieces together with modern elements

Antiques mixed with contemporary touches coexist perfectly in the trends for 2023

Exclusive pieces can make the environment a much more cozy and refined place, giving your home even more personality.

Boomers are looking for ways to honor vintage and heirloom pieces by including them in their home decor. It is a way of giving new life to old furniture and accessories, creating well-being, familiarity, comfort and spaces with soul.


7. Handmade products

Hand made products

Handmade headboard

Like the interest in sustainability, the focus on craftsmanship points to a change in interior design solutions with a global impact.

In addition to the cultural factor, handicrafts represent the opposite of mass production and homogeneity, which is why interior designers and architects value handcrafted pieces for being unique and original, even if a little imperfect, but with a lot of charm.

Of all the forms of craftsmanship, ceramics, carpentry, weaving, basketry, painting, tapestry, glass, metal, textiles, macramé and many others stand out in Portugal.

They are the most frequent forms of production, seen in decoration projects and very widespread, durable, varied and that are part of the decoration trends for 2023.

Authors: Teresa Pietra Torres and Madalena Sousa Cabral

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