Be amazed with the magic of smart homes

by Francisco Leal Coelho |20 April, 2021 | Interior Architecture

The future will be magical

Imagine your home where the walls change color depending on your mood.  Imagine how amazed your guests will be if tablecloth changes shape when you have someone for dinner. Imagine that, if you are undecided, your personal assistant suggests your dinner menu based on the stock of the refrigerator, your nutrition needs or your favorite foods. Imagine that every object, lights to the curtains, interacts with you. 

A perfect morning in your home

Imagine that your alarm wakes you up without having to program it. Your PA-Personal assistant knows what time you need to wake him up, based on your schedule, your morning routine, the state of traffic to get to the office, the recommended sleep time for your health …

When you go to the bathroom, lights turn on with perfect intensity and the water in the shower is at your favorite temperature.

In the kitchen, your PA choses to lift the blinds so you can enjoy the beautiful sunlight

After breakfast, pick up your already charged laptop and head to the garage for your electric vehicle. At the exit of the garage your home wishes you a great day

What if we use technology to make your home more beautiful?

Technology can be much more than a tool to increase our productivity or to make our lives easier.  It can be used to improve the space where we live

For example, we can create decorative objects that change their appearance, instead of being static, depending on the way they interact. And the changes may not only be in terms of color, pattern or texture, they may be changes in shape.

We can have a dining table that changes shape throughout the dinner, providing incredible experiences for your guests. And this is just the beginning

We can use thermochromic fabrics that change color, SMA threads that move and knead and e-textiles for continuous detection of body indicators

These decorative objects that recreate and transform, standing out, will allow us to notice the beautiful decorative pieces we have at home. Each day, the vases or paintings change

Imagine being able to change the color of your sofa, just like changing your phone´s wall paper. Imagine that your bedroom adjusts the temperature and light according to the hour of day

The future of Smart Homes

Fortunately, there are simple solutions like Alexa or Google Home that allow you to automate simple routines and to increase the ability to control your home

In the smart homes of the future, the whole house will be controlled by voice commands or by sensors that detect the presence capable to automate routines. However, the devices or input sources can be monitored and controlled by artificial intelligence that updates the routines as it learns with your preferences, schedules and behaviors.

At Mint Design we integrate solutions for smart homes that are already available, articulating them with a harmonious space with high aesthetic standards. We make technology beautiful

A lot of people fantasize about the magic of Harry Potter. They see paintings or stairs moving or changing shape. This magic can be real! A new way of living will be possible.

Autores: Teresa Pietra Torres e Madalena Cabral

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