The partnerships we established aim to improve, complete and become more competitive the offer of Mint Design´s services to clients.

we take our partnerships very seriously”  – Mint Interior Design

Main requirements for our partnerships:

  • Ensuring the best market conditions for our customers
  • Access to complementary services provided by specialized entities
  • Control and supervision of services and supplies, according to quality and accuracy standards of Mint Design

Furniture and equipment suppliers and manufacturers

The relationships established with manufacturers and suppliers of furniture and equipment guarantee a high level of service that our customers enjoy.

In addition to quality control of parts and supplies, we monitor deadlines and oversee deliveries, assemblies and interventions.

We always guarantee the best prices and market conditions.

Architecture and Engineering Offices

For projects involving construction of buildings or major remodeling and adaptation works, we have partnerships with Architects and Engineers, guaranteeing our clients access to the best specialists in the sector.

The interaction we have with the designers allows a high articulation between the various specialties.

Building contractors

The execution of a work within the established deadline and budget and with the desired quality standards implies the selection of qualified contractors.

Mint Design’s experience in the sector allows us to reach contractors who meet the requirements and objectives of our clients in the best contractual and market conditions.

Real Estate Brokers

Our real estate partners allow us to complement the offer to our clients, ensuring access to the best business opportunities with the utmost rigor and maximum security.

Our partners are broker entities of recognized competence,  seriousness and legal compliance.

Moving to Portugal

For non-resident clients, we ensure access to services necessary for their convenient installation in Portugal.

  • Utilities (Water, Electricity, Communications, TV)
  • Housekeeper and catering
  • Cleaning, maintenance and gardening
  • Children´s school
  • Gymnasium and health services
  • Driver and travel
  • Residence Visa

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