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How to choose the perfect rug

by Mint Design |18 December, 2023 | Interior Design

 How to choose the perfect rug

Discover some of our tips for how to choose the perfect rug

Carpets are very old decorative elements used for thousands of years in various countries and cultures, not only as decoration, but also as a symbol of status and power.

Each rug helps create the environment, makes the home welcoming, delimits areas of the room and gives a unique touch to the space.

In addition to the decorative aspect, carpets can be used to provide comfort, warm the environment, muffle noise and even hide defects or scratches in the floor.

The history of rugs

The known history of carpets begins thousands of years ago with their use by nomads to protect themselves from the cold and wind. They were made from sheep or camel wool with simple, geometric patterns.

The Egyptians, especially the nobility, manufactured sophisticated linen and cotton carpets, with designs of animals, plants and human figures.

The famous Persian rugs, using wool and silk, were created by nomads with complex designs including animals and historical scenes.

Nowadays, carpets are used all over the world, with a wide variety of styles, aiming to add color, texture, comfort and acoustic insulation and above all to express personality and style.

Reconcile the carpet with the environment

When choosing a rug, you should take the surrounding environment into account.

Oriental rugs can be suitable for a classic environment, jute or sisal rugs can enhance a rustic space and Berber style rugs adapt to both traditional environments and contemporary, minimalist spaces in concrete.

Framing can also be done by overlapping rugs, that is, we can choose two rugs with different colors and textures and place them one on top of the other..

Articulation with furniture

The choice of furniture and rugs must take into account the size of the space, the organization of the division, the passage areas and the functionality of the room.


In the living room, for example, a rug can create an island of well-being and unity. In the dining area, the rug can connect with the food preparation area. In the bedroom, the rug can be an oasis of rest and relaxation.


Size matters

Even the most beautiful rug cannot fulfill its potential if it is not the correct size.

The ideal rug should form a frame between furniture and other objects.

Carpets that are too large can hide the beauty of the floor. Carpets that are too small make the space unbalanced and uncomfortable

Colors and patterns

Choosing the perfect rug is not easy.

It is important to choose colors and pairings that complement the room’s color palette, combining or contrasting with the predominant colors.

For example, green or blue combine well with sandy tones, suggesting a natural environment.

Red, yellow and orange are warm tones that are good options to provide comfort and warmth

Carpets with various colors, in colorful environments, provide life and a dynamic, harmonized style


Texture and material

Wool, cotton, leather, jute are some of the materials that can be used in rugs. The choice of material must be adjusted to the space and intended use

In high circulation areas you should opt for resistant materials. In formal spaces you can opt for more sophisticated materials

Choosing the perfect rug

Mint Design’s projects favor integrated, harmonious, functional solutions and adjusted to customer expectations

Choosing the perfect rug is an activity that we particularly enjoy, which is why we have multiple rug manufacturers with high quality and varied products, allowing the best options for our customers.

Authors: Teresa Pietra Torres e Madalena Sousa Cabral

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