Quarto decorado com cestos, cestaria

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by Mint Design |12 November, 2021 | Interior Architecture

What is crafts?

Craft is the product of small-scale work carried out by a craftsman, using natural raw materials, simple tools and performing all stages of production, from design to the finished pieces.

In Portugal there is a huge diversity of high quality handcrafted products with deep cultural roots in the areas of basketwork, painting, ceramics, tapestry, glass, metal, textile, macramé and many others

Quarto decorado com macramé

The origin of handicraft

You’ve probably noticed that handicraft is going through a good moment with more and more expression and prominence in designers’ projects and private homes. The general taste for crafts and the search for unique and different pieces is remarkable.

In the 20th century craftsmanship was a reaction against mass production and the excesses of Victorian design. If it was originally a response to industrialization, then perhaps current resurgence is a reaction to digitization and climate change.

There is today a renewed interest all over the world in the way furniture and equipment are made, in the materials that are used and even in the distance from which the manufacturers are.

Quarto decorado com cestos, cestaria

Why is crafts a current trend?

  • Because it’s beautiful and gives personality and style to the space
  • Allows you to create contrast with other elements, for example with modern pieces, creating interesting, stimulating effects with great originality
  • Because it allows you to break styles, mix natural raw materials without fear, make applications in furniture providing warmth, coziness and life
  • It is a sustainable and ecological option, encouraging the use of local materials, recycling and reducing dependence on the outside world.
  • It stimulates employment, inclusion and promotion of popular culture
  • Because it promotes the circular economy through partnerships between artisans and designers

Mint Design has great experience and tradition in the use of handcrafted materials and equipment, allowing us to create attractive, functional, personalized and high-quality spaces and environments that have delighted our customers.

Actions are currently underway in order to qualify our offer with handcrafted products designed by us, more modern, with new features and with an increasing focus on ecology, technology and sustainability

Authors: Teresa Pietra Torres e Madalena Cabral

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