Living between Spain and Holland for the last 6 years, during that time, I lived in 7 different apartments in 4 Dutch cities.

In some cases I lived with furniture that wasn’t even furniture, in others without being able to do much because they were decorated just like a decoration magazine and in others doing and undoing them to my liking.

In all of them, I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t like Dutch architecture more.

The apartments in the city center, where I had to climb stairs that went against all the rules I studied, the most modern buildings I had ever seen in my life challenged what less is more and that everything must have a reason functional….

All these experiences served to admire the giant-high windows, the large living rooms with open kitchen where all the activity in the house is centered, the importance of a small bathroom, the pure wood, the simplicity and freshness of the decoration and… the white.

Check out this little house on the outskirts of Amsterdam to show what I mean by decorating in white.
In this home, white is the main decor element. The freshness that comes with it is simply brilliant.

Timeless furniture, details in black wood, everything combining perfectly with the white color as a base. What does the white floor look like to you? Like it? Excessive?


Do you think these trends are arriving in Portugal? I hope you enjoyed this Dutch house as much as I did and that it serves as inspiration for your home.

“If you can’t explain it simply, it’s because you don’t understand it well” Albert Einstein

Adapted from El Poder del Blanco

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